Dryer Vent Cleaning

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

We provide inspection and cleaning for the readily accessible portions of the dryer vent system in your home. This is one of our basic services. At AAA Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent Cleaning we use a brush and high-velocity air to remove lint. When your dryer duct vent is cleaned, your vent system flows more easily and your dryer operates more efficiently. Excessive lint buildup occurs slowly and gradually. You don’t realize it is happening. Cleaning out the lint filter isn’t enough to responsibly maintain your dryer.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Prices – What Is the Cost to Clean a Dryer?

We have two prices for dryer vent cleaning service. If we are at your home cleaning your chimney, and you simply add on dryer vent cleaning to the work order, it will save you over 10% of the normal cost! If all you need is a dryer vent cleaning, we are happy to do so- ask for a stand-alone dryer vent cleaning service. So we recommend that you combine and save! Please call today 267-417-8409 to learn prices, which vary according to location and time of year.

Residences Should Have Dirty Dryer Vents Cleaned

There are 16,000 reported annual home fires related to laundry center fires in American. Electric dryers are at the heart of the danger of fire due to the high voltage electric element that heats the air to dry the clothes. A hot element combined with fuel such as lint can be a powerful combination! At AAA Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Vent Cleaning, we use a brush and high velocity air to blast the dryer lint from the vent.

Residential Flex Hoses for Dryers

A dryer vent fire may be reduced with the use of properly UL Listed and Tested dryer vent flex hose. Numerous flexible dryer hoses may be available at Home Depot and Lowes that are not recommended per code. Never use plastic or flexible fabric style hoses. Only use aluminum rated products on your dryer venting system. At AAA Chimney Sweeps we specialize in preparing your dryer vent for safe operation. We do so by recommending and installing UL Listed made in America dryer connectors by IN-O-Vate Technologies, or other vendors who supply us with high quality aluminum connector hoses.

Residential Wall Vents for Dryers

A dryer vent fire possibility may also be reduced by the proper termination of the dryer vent outside the home. At AAA Chimney Sweeps we specialize in dryer vent cleaning and inspection, and installing the flapper device on the outside of your house that discharges the dryer exhaust air. An improperly constructed dryer vent termination will close off the air flow, resulting in hotter interior temperatures. At AAA we use a Made In America product powder coated 22 gauge sheet metal dryer wall vent, or another quality product of solid aluminum.

Why Should I Sweep my Dryer Vent?

Dryer vents carry the lint from your clothes to the outside world. Lint is the by-product of heating and tumbling cotton and nylon clothing in a drum style dryer with high velocity air. The more children and pets that one has in the house the dirtier the dryer vent will be. Pet hair is extremely combustible and it is removed from people’s clothing in the clothes drying process and soon collects down the entire length of the dryer vent, setting up a perfect scenario for a dryer vent fire!

Why do Dryer Fires Happen?

When these dryer vents become damaged or dirty they create resistance and increased pressure on the clothes dryer’s internal blower. This increased pressure can result in the steadily rising temperature of the exhaust air which can actually ignite the combustible lint in the vent. The lint begins to burn and spreads through the lightweight aluminum vent pipe and starts a structure fire. Once the vent is compromised and the fire started, the fan blows air on the flames of the dryer vent fire and soon the flames spread very rapidly to the entire laundry room. Dryer vent fires can be prevented by easily and inexpensive annual cleaning.

Why Hire AAA Chimney and Dryer Vent Cleaning to Clean the Vent?

Most homeowners do not have the equipment to clean a dryer vent properly. Our uniformed technicians use the same powerful vacuum equipment for cleaning dryer vents as for cleaning chimneys, fireplaces, and air ducts. Our professionals use high-pressure air and specialized tools to remove the debris from vent runs, crevices, elbows, and bends, cleaning the entire length of the vent from the dryer to the outside of your home.

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